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Shizuoka Main Library User's guide

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■Visiting the Library

You need to scan your student ID or library card when you enter and leave the library and borrow library materials. If you do not have the ID, please contact the User Service staff. Graduate students need to present your student ID when entering the Closed Stacks.

* You may use your student ID/library card at any Shizuoka University Libraries.

■Service Hours

Service Monday - Friday Weekend & Holiday
Intersession Regular ExamWeek Intersession
Library Open Hours 9:00~22:00 9:00~17:00 10:00~19:00 9:00~21:00 10:00~17:00
Closed Stack Open Hours 9:00~21:30 9:00~17:00 - - -
Reference Services
(Including ILL Service)
- - -
Library Laptop for Loan 9:00~21:30 9:00~16:30 10:00~18:30 9:00~20:30 10:00~16:30
Individual Study Room (3F) 9:00~21:30 9:00~16:30 10:00~18:30 9:00~20:30 10:00~16:30
Audio Visual Area (4F) 9:00~21:30 9:00~16:30 10:00~18:30 9:00~20:30 10:00~16:30
Harvest Room (5F) 9:00~21:00 9:00~17:00 10:00~18:30 9:00~20:30 10:00~16:30
Local History Room (5F) 9:00~17:00 9:00~17:00 - - -
Microform Room (5F) 9:00~12:30,
- - -
Seminar Room (6F) 9:00~18:50 9:00~17:00 - - -
* Weekend & Holiday Services: Check-out, renewal and return of materials / Access to open-stack materials / Use of thin-client computer terminals and self-service copiers & printers.
* Reference services are NOT available on weekends and holidays.


New Year Holidays (Dec. 28th - Jan. 4th)
During the university entrance exam period
* Library hours are subject to change. It will be notified on the board and the library website.


  Undergraduate Graduate Faculty Staff
Emeritus Professor
Limit of Items
(open shelves)
5 10
Loan Periods
(open shelves)
2 weeks 1 month
(2 weeks)
1 year
(2 weeks)
1 year
(2 weeks)
Special Circulation Thesis&Dissertation/Seminar Class/Teaching Practice    
Serials 2 (overnight loan only; 16:00 - 12:00 of the next weekday)
* Current issues of serials may not be borrowed.
* Each item may be renewed one time if no hold/request has been placed.
* Loan periods may be extended over breaks.
* To apply for the special circulation service, please contact library staff.

<Overdue Penalty> If you fail to return books by the due date, your borrowing privileges will be suspended for the total number of overdue days.

■How to Borrow/Return


Self-checkout stations are available for you to borrow library materials. You may also check out items at the Service Counter. You need your student ID or library card to check out library mateials.
* The library exit has a security system. If you fail to check out any library materials, it beeps and the gate will not open.


Self-checkin stations are available for you to return library materials. You can also return items at the Service Counter. Please use the drop-off box when the library is closed.

○Returns (borrwed at Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library)

You can return materials which you have borrowed at Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library at the Circulation Counter of Shizuoka University Library.


You can renew library item (book) once as long as no hold/request has been placed. You can renew items online through myLibrary, at the self-checkout station or at the Service Counter.


The library catalog, OPAC, contains the holdings of Shizuoka University Libraries. All library books are arranged NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification). Serials are arranged in alphabetic order by title. Library materials are shelved not only in the reading rooms but also in cloed stacks and faculty offices.


  Location Hours Access
Main Library Open Shelves 5F Book,  Bunko,  Shinsho,
Oversized,  Art Management,
Career Support,  Syllabus Book,
Newspaper (Reduced Size)
Accessible when the library is open. Accessible to every user.
5F-4F Exhibition
4F Reference,  International,
Audio Visual,  Special,
3F Serial (Japanese),  Serial (Foreign)
Closed Stacks 5F Regional&Valuable Mon.-Fri.:
9:00 - 17:00
Fill out a Request Form (*1) or Facility Request Form (*2) and request at the Service Counter.
Microform Mon.-Fri.:
9:30 - 12:30,
13:30 - 17:00
Weekend&Holiday.: Closed
After applying for use, please enter the closed stacks.
4F Cabinet Mon.-Fri. :
9:00 - 21:30
Fill out a Request Form (*1) and request at the Service Counter.
3F Newspaper,  Serial (Japanese),
Serial (Foreign),  Serial (Oriental)
2F-1F Book (Japanese),  Book (Foreign),
Bunko,  Shinsho
2F Excavation,  Book (Oriental)
1F Compact Storage,  Shizuko,  Kyoiku
Office Faculty offices Contact the Refence Service staff.
*1 You may download and print out from OPAC.
*2 Fill out the Facility Request Form when you want to browse the collection instead of picking up items that library staff have retrieved for you.

○Closed Stacks

You need to fill out a Request Form so that library staff can retrieve the item for you to pick up. Shizuoka University faculty, staff and graduate students may access the closed stacks to browse materials. Please do not forget to scan your ID or library card when entering the closed stack area. Undergraduate students working on graduate thesis may gain access to closed stacks. Please contact library staff. Library staff will give you a tour when you enter the closed stack area for the first time.

○Photocopy Services

Self-service copy machines are located in the Photocopy Corner on the 4th floor near the Reference Counter. You need either a copy card or coins to use these copiers. [Copy Application Form] [pdf]
Copy cards can be purchased from the vending machines near the copiers.

■Hold & Request

You can place a hold on a title that is checked out or place a request on an item that is not available at your library.
We will notify you by phone or email when the item is available for pickup. The item will be held for you at the Service Counter for about one week. You cannot place a hold while your borrowing privileges are suspended. To place a hold, find the item in OPAC and press the [Hold/Request] button.

■Recommend a Title for Purchase

The library welcomes suggestions from students for titles to consider purchasing. Please recommend us a book, journal or other information resource which support your study and research.
Recommendation can be made online through myLibrary. Before submitting a suggestion, please check the online catalog to make sure the title you want is not owned by any Shizuoka University Libraries. Please include your telephone number and e-mail address on the form.
A student may recommend up to three titles with a limit of 10,000 yen per year.
Your suggestions will be carefully evaluated at the acquisition meeting.

■Reference Services

Reference librarians help you make effective use of the library resources by advising you on the use of the catalog and website and suggesting appropriate databases for your subject area.
If you have any questions, please visit the Reference Counter.

1. Library Seminar

All Shizuoka University freshmen will take a Basic Library Seminar during regularly scheduled class times; you will have a library tour and learn how to locate library items. If you want to improve your research skill, please contact a Reference Service librarian to arrange an Advanced Library Seminar.
We also offer seminars on databases and electronic journals. Please check out library news for schedules.

2. Referral Service

We issue a referral letter, enabling you to be referred to other institutes, including other university libraries, for use of specific items that are not available at Shizuoka University. You are encouraged to verify their access policies on their websites before requesting the letter. You are expected to bring your Student ID along with the referral letter to the institute.
If you need a referral letter, please fill out Letter of Introduction Application form [pdf] / [word] and apply to the reference counter.
It will take at least two business days to issue a referral letter. Please note that it might be restricted for external users to access the institute during weekends and intersession.

■Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services

If you need an item that is not available at any Shizuoka University Libraries, you can obtain photocopy or borrow books from other campus or other university libraries.

1. Making an ILL request

Please log-in to 'myLibrary' and go to 'ILL Request' in the menu, and click 'New request', then fill out the application form.
If you cannot access 'myLibrary', fill out this ILL Request Form ([pdf] / [word]) and bring it to the counter.
Request cannot be cancelled after it is accepted.

2. Request type

3. Terms of payment

A teacher can select pay type 'Public' or 'Private'. A student makes only 'Private' payment.
If a teacher allow a student to make a 'Public' payment, please inform the student of teacher's Budget code. The student logs in to 'myLibrary' with its own user ID. In the comment section, please write "I request photocopy / loan with permission of professor XXX, Budget code XXX". The student can select 'Private' as pay type. Librarian will contact the teacher, then change to 'Public'.

4. Time by Range of request

*It might take more time if the material you have asked for is on loan. Please give yourself plenty of time to apply for that.

5. Fee

You need to pay the photocopying cost (35-60 yen / a monochrome sheet) and delivery cost (100-400 yen) to obtain a photocopy, the round-trip delivery cost (1,000-2,000 yen) to obtain a book from other library. There is no delivery cost from other campus in Shizuoka University and local public libraries in Shizuoka Prefecture. The photocopying cost is depend on the owing library. An additional fee will be charged for a color photocopy or special delivery. It costs at least several thousand yen to obtain a photocopy or a book from overseas.

6. Contact method

7. Contact us

Reference Counter 054-238-4480 (Extension 4480) lib-refer at adb.shizuoka.ac.jp
Service hours : 9:00-12:30, 13:30-17:00 (weekdays)

■Computing and Projector

Thin-client computers are available at the PC Work Area on the 4th floor. Personal Booth, Reading Rooms and Harvest Room have wireless/wired connections to the internet.
In order to log on to the library computer or use the internet, you need an account and password issued at the Center for Information Infrastructure.
(On Campus)

○Printing from the Thin Clients

○Connecting to the Shizuoka University Network

○Library Laptop for Loan

○Library Projector for Loan