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SURE: Shizuoka University REpository (静岡大学学術リポジトリ) を正式公開しました.

SURE: Shizuoka University REpository was fully opened on April 1, 2008.

 This Repository stores and opens academic outputs produced through education and research activities by the staffs and students of Shizuoka University.

静岡大学理事(研究・情報担当)/副学長 中村 高遠
Trustee/Vice-President(Research and information Affairs) Dr. Takato Nakamura
 このたび,「静岡大学学術リポジトリ」を公開することとなりました。静岡大学学術リポジトリ(Shizuoka University REpository)は,静岡大学で生産された学術成果物を収集・蓄積・保存し,インターネット上で公開するためのシステムです。多くの方々に静岡大学の研究教育の成果を知っていただける有効な手段です。
It is my great pleasure to show you our academic products through the Shizuoka University REpository, SURE. Repository contains both research articls and products obtained from educational activity carried out in Shizuoka University. To be read academic and educational products through papers is limited by its distribution. By using internet facility you may access our products freely and get idea what you need to know quickly.

<問い合わせ先> 静岡大学附属図書館 リポジトリ担当
<Inquiries> Shizuoka University Library, Section of Repository
phone:054-238-4477 fax:054-238-5408 e-mail:reposit at adb.shizuoka.ac.jp