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2017. 4.17Library Use Seminar
Library guide and Search training
2017. 4.12The library Toshokan Tsushin no.169 is now Out!
2017. 4.11The 2017 1st Exhibition "Paper cutout × Me Exhibition"
Apr 17th (Mon) - Apr 28th (Fri) 9am - 5pm ; Monday - Friday.
2017. 4.10"Heibonsha's World Encyclopedia" can be used on "JapanKnowledge Lib". (On Campus)
2017. 4. 6"National Diet Library Digital Collections" can be searched on the OPAC.
You can search for "Available Online(インターネット公開)" or "Available only at the NDL and partner libraries(国立国会図書館/図書館送信限定)" resources on the OPAC.
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2017. 3. 6About temporary closing of the gallery during the construction period
We will close the gallery temporarily during the construction period
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