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2017. 7. 7Extended Checkout for Summer Break (Students only)
Student Type of Item Check-out Due date
Undergrad. All Jul.31 - Sep.22 Oct.6
Grad. Open Shelf (Shizuoka)
Others July.14 - Sep.5
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2017. 9. 1A 15-minute seminar CiNii Articles.
How to use the CiNii Ariticles.(To look for a Japanese Paper)
We can make a 15-minute seminar of CiNii Articles.
Every day from Oct.23 (Mon) to Oct.27(Fri) 16:05-16:20
Hamamatsu Branch Library S-Port1F near the counter.
※Reservation priority system.(Participation is possible on the day)
※If there are no applicants , it does not.
2017. 7.14Would you like to share that books you used?
附属図書館浜松分館で学生の皆さんから資料紹介を募集しています。 あなたが使ったその資料を共有しませんか?
期間 2017年7月14日(金)~2018年3月23日(金)
場所 附属図書館浜松分館(S-port2階)
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