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Shizuoka Main Library

e-mail: tosyokan at fax: 054-238-5408
Services Section Telephone
・Service hours
・Use the stacks
・User card
・Use gallery
User Processing Unit 054-238-4479
・Apply to use other libraries
・How to use resources
・How to search OPAC
Reference Unit 054-238-4480
・Purchase books (Faculty)
・Select books for students
Books Processing Unit 054-238-4475
・Purchase serials (Faculty)
・Confirm serials bill (Faculty)
Serials Processing Unit 054-238-4476
E-Resources Unit 054-238-4477
・OB office Planning and Coordination Unit 054-238-4474

Hamamatsu Branch

e-mail: lib-hama at fax: 053-478-1392
Services Section Telephone
・About services (Use, Borrow and ILL etc.) in Hamamatsu Branch branch library Services Unit 053-478-1391
・About resources (Select, Purchase and Acquire etc.) in Hamamatsu Branch Branch Library Material Unit 053-478-1393