For Faculty & Staff

*All of the following contents are Japanese text only.

User’s Manual for the professors
About User’s Manual of the materials and purchasing of books, journals.
Purchasing of Books
Please be sure to confirm the items before purchasing the materials by public expenditure.
About SURE(Shizuoka University Repository) About contents and registration method. We correct and conserve the academic results which were created from the Shizuoka University Education and Research Activities. Furthermore, we outbound and provide the contents to outside of the University.
SURE contact form Contact form about registration to SURE.
Library User Registration (For the faculty and staff)
Please register user information for Library services at the beginning.
Request to Faculty members [PDF] Recommendation of books for students, donation of faculty works are welcome at any time.
Also, please list reference books in the Syllabus form.
APC discounts for Open Access
About User’s Manual of APC discounts for Open Access.
About GakuNin RDM Research data management service provided by National Institute of Informatics.