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2019. 3.19Shizuoka University Library website update work
Do website update work.
You may not be able to access the website throughout the day.
Various services not available.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.
Date and time:3/27(Wed)~3/28(Thu)
2019. 3.18About addition and cancellation of database function from April 2019.
From April 2019, additions and cancellations of databases function as follows.
・"Shizuoka Shimbun Database plus Nikkei Telecom" will be able to access 4 users at the same time.
・"bookplus" & "magazineplus" will be closed.
・The prefecture version search of "Kikuzo II Visual" will be cancelled.
2019. 1.24Extended Checkout for Spring Break (Students only)
Student Type of Item Check-out Due date
Undergrad. All Feb.4 - Mar.23 Apr.16
Grad. Open Shelf (Shizuoka)
Others Feb.4 - Mar.16
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