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2018. 1.17Visitors might have limited use of library during University's
exam period
Jan.22th(Mon.) - Feb.9th(Fri.)
2018. 1.11The following e-journals are now available.
・Journal of Instrumentation(IOP Publishing)
・Taylor & Francis Online Science and engineering collection 3 fields(Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & Statistics) Backfile (-1996) 124titles
・CLOCKSS Open Access 53titles
(On Campus)
2018. 1.10Regarding the migration of the repository to JAIRO Cloud
The Shizuoka University REpositry(SURE)migrated to JAIRO Cloud, the repository service provided by NII, National Institute of Informatics.
2018. 1. 9Network will be not Available
Due to maintenance with the whole university network, network will not be available on the following days.
Jan.20th (Sat) - Jan.21st (Sun)
2018. 1.16Notice about Shizudai ID
Due to maintenance, Shizudai ID will be stopped during the following date.
1/20(Sat)(Spare Day)
・You can't use e-journals whichs service providers of GakunNin from outside of a campus.
News @ Shizuoka
2018. 1.17The 2017 9th Exhibition "Soon Spring Exhibition"
Jan 25th (Thu) - Feb 2nd (Fri) 9am - 5pm ; Monday - Friday
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2017. 7.14Would you like to share that books you used?
附属図書館浜松分館で学生の皆さんから資料紹介を募集しています。 あなたが使ったその資料を共有しませんか?
期間 2017年7月14日(金)~2018年3月23日(金)
場所 附属図書館浜松分館(S-port2階)
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