Change Service Hours of the library and Restrictions on Library Services


We will change Service Hours of the library as follows:

 〇May 1 (Fri) – May 6 (Wed): Closed

 〇May 7 (Thu) – May 24 (Sun)
  weekday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
weekend and holiday: Closed

・Regardless of the above period, visitors will not be able to use Shizuoka University Library for the time being.
・During the library’s opening hours, services are limited as follows:
 -borrowing and returning books
 -receiving reservation books
・Seats in the Library are not available.
・There is no change in the loan period or number of books.
・Personal booths and other facilities in the Library are not available for use.
・Interlibrary loan services have been suspended.

Further changes may be made depending on future circumstances.