About renewing the book return deadline (8/17-)


Please notice that we will end the service which you can renew the book return deadline several times.
From August 17th, you can renew the book return deadline once as long as no hold/request has been placed.
(*If you are a graduate student or a faculty staff and you borrow books in the Hamamatsu Branch Library, you will NOT be able to renew the book return deadline.)
If you’ve already renewed the deadline at least once, you cannot renew it after August 17th.

*** Following is Students ONLY ***

If you renew the book return deadline during following period, it will be Oct.7th.

  • Undergraduate / Open shelves items in Shizuoka Main Library borrowed by Graduates:Aug.3 Jul.30 – Aug.16
  • Open shelves items borrowed by Graduate:July.17 – Aug.16

*Also see the notice about extended checkout for summer vacation from following link.
Extended Checkout for Summer Vacation (Students only)