Suspension of ILL (Inter Library Loan/Photocopy) Request. (Sat.) 21st – (Mon.) 30th January


National Institute of Informatics has informed us of a system suspension due to the system migration to the new NACSIS-CAT/ILL. In accordance with it, ILL Request will be handled as follows.

<NACSIS-CAT/ILL system suspension period>
 NACSIS-ILL  From (Mon.) 23rd January to (Tue.) 31st January
 NACSIS-CAT  From (Tue.) 10th January to (Tue.) 31st January

Information: National Institute of Informatics

*NACSIS-CAT/ILL is a nationwide system for ILL services and for forming a comprehensive catalog database in Japan.

Suspension of ILL (Inter Library Loan/Photocopy) Request

ILL Request will be suspended from (Sat.) 21st January to (Mon.) 30th January.

  • During the period of suspension of ILL Request, you can still enter new applications through myLibrary. Requests to other universities (including those between Shizuoka Main Library and Hamamatsu Branch Library) will be processed in order from (Tue) 31st January. ILL Requests to public libraries in the prefecture will be made as usual.
  • Because some libraries stop accepting requests from other universities before and after NACSIS-ILL suspension period, it may take a few days longer than usual to arrive at the library.
  • You can receive the materials that are notified of their arrival by (Fri.) 20th January during the suspension period.


  • During the above NACSIS-CAT suspension period, a part of the book cataloging operations will be affected. As a result, it may take longer than usual to register purchased books for equipment and to check them out to research rooms.
  • (The planned suspension of OPAC and myLibrary is scheduled separately, and the period of suspension partly overlaps with this case. Information
  • If there is a change in the schedule for the migration of the NACSIS-CAT/ILL system, the library’s suspension period may also be subject to change.

・About ILL Request :
  (Shizu.) Reference Unit (lib-refer at
  (Hama.) Branch Library Services Unit (libh-ill at

・About Registration of books:
  (Shizu.) Books Processing Unit (lib-book at
  (Hama.) Branch Library Material Unit (libh-moku at