Information for Visitors

  • Visitors from outside of the University can read, borrow and copy of Shizuoka University Library necessary materials.
  • You can not use the seat for exam study, and you can not use only the facilities of the library.

Guide to visitors

  • For lending, visitors need “Library Card” which is issued from Shizuoka University Library.
  • You can not use the materials on lending or which belong to the laboratory. Also, “For Reference Only” materials such as magazines or reference books are not available for lending.
  • You can’t use materials in the stack room (appearing stack materials searching result) on weekends, holidays after 5 pm and weekdays after 21:30. But if you contact us in advance before 5pm on weekdays, we can keep the materials in the counter on weekends or holidays.

Guidance of Library

Parking lots are not enough for visitors. Please use public transportation as much as possible.

Access Map

Procedure of entry

The person who has “Library Card” can enter the Library by scanning the bar code to the automatic entrance and exit system. The person who do not have the card, please fill out “Library application sheet for visitors”. Please do the following procedure:

◆Shizuoka Main Library

There is the Service Counter side of the entrance. Please fill out “Library application sheet for visitors” at that place. We will issue “One Day Library Card”. You can enter and exit the Library by using this card. Please return the card when you go back.

◆Hamamatsu Branch

Please say something in front of the entry gate. A person in charge will open the gate. Please fill out “Library application sheet” at that place.

Library Card

  • When you request for lending the library materials, you need the Library card. We request you to indicate your ID to confirm your name and address when we issue the Library card.
  • ID (such as driver’s license, etc) and a mail for you to confirm your current address (which is issued within 3 months).
  • Reception hours weekdays( 9:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 16:45). After 16:45 of weekdays and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, we can not issue the Library card. So please come to the Library during reception hours on weekdays.
  • The expiration date of the Library card is within fiscal year. Renewal of the Library card is possible. When you renew, please indicate your ID to confirm your name and current address.


◆Reading the Library materials

  • Please feel free to read books and magazines in the reading room. After reading, please return the book to its place.
  • As to the materials in the stack room, please come to the Library and apply to the Service Counter.
    However, these materials cannot be used at the following times.
Shizuoka Main Library After 4:45pm on weekdays, weekend & holiday
Hamamatsu Branch Library After 5:00pm on weekdays, weekend & holiday


  • Please bring books with your Library card and apply to the Service Counter.
  • Number of lending book is up to 3, lending period is up to 2 weeks. If there is no reservation of that book, you can renew the lending period.


  • Return books to the Service Counter of the Library.
  • During closing hours, please post the book in the “Book Post Box” which is located out of the main entrance.
  • * In case of return delay, you can not borrow for days of delay.

◆Copy of Library materials

  • You can copy the library materials by photocopy machine There are coin-operated type and prepaid type copy machines. The coin-operated copying machine deals up to \1,000. Exchange money isn’t available at the Service Counter.
  • Please fill out an application form before copying and follow the copyright law. The range of limit of copyright law allowed to copy one page per person of part of a library material for research or investigation.
  • We can not accept the request to copy or obtain library materials from other institutes.

◆Reference Service

  • You can get the information at the service counter for searching library materials. (Weekdays 9:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00)


  • You can use OPAC.
  • You can apply for network use to a counter.

Attention for users

  • Visitors might have limited use of Library during University’s testing period (July, February).
  • Please pay attention for losing or damages of library materials. We may request you for paying that.
  • DO NOT disturb other visitors. Eating, drinking, using cell phones are not allowed in the Library.
  • Please make sure to keep your valuables to prevent from being stolen. It is not available to take a small child.

Those who use our Library materials through public Libraries

  • The materials that are not owned by public Libraries.
  • You can borrow the materials and get photocopies through your nearest public Library. (paying postage and copying your own)
  • Magazines, valuable books, theses for degrees, references, the materials on lending to a laboratory etc, other materials that are specified by the chief Librarian are not available for lending.
  • Apply to a nearby public library.

Guide for the person in charge for inter library loan service of public Libraries

◆In Shizuoka Pref.

  • Apply from “Oudankun ILL”
  • Send materials via Shizuoka Pref. Central Library.


  • The lending period is 4 (open shelves 3) weeks includes sending by mail period. Number of lending books are 5 per institute.
  • Send materials by simple-registered mail service. The recipient is responsible to pay postage.
  • As to mutual lending service and copying of the materials, please refer to the person in charge of Reference Service Section in Shizuoka Main Library or Hamamatsu Branch.
Reference Shizuoka Main Library <Use of the Library>
Information Service Section
phone: 054-238-4479
e-mail:lib-infsrv at
<Inter Library Loan>
Reference Section
phone: 054-238-4480
e-mail:lib-refer at
Hamamatsu Branch Branch Service Section phone: 053-478-1391
e-mail:lib-hama at