Available E-resources AT HOME [For support online classes and study at home]


E-resources that Shizuoka university Library is subscribed can be used off-campus.
Through GakuNin with your SHIZUDAI ID →

■Shizuoka Shimbun Database plus Nikkei Telecom can be used off-campus (Limited-time 2020.Apr.28-May.31Jul.31 Sep.30 Limited-time: not yet decided )
※How to use : Please login “myLibraryLogin” and look at that “図書館からのお知らせ”.

■In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many publishers and vendors are making some of their contents freely available.
-For example-

And so on.
Some can be used without any procedures. Please make use of them.

Recommended ebooks for Shizuoka University students

These are bookshelves of ebooks for Shizuoka University students.
You can read these ebooks from outside of a campus.

・Bookshelf for mini exhibition
We introduce some ebooks for each theme.
We update this shelf once or twice a month.

・Bookshelf for large exhibition

If you want to get a rough idea of ​​what kind of ebooks are available, please see this bookshelf.

We can use various ebooks and e-resources besides the above.
You can search these resources on Shizudai OPAC and Publication Finder.