[Ended] Seminars (about CAS SciFinder-n, Tour of stacks, Search for articles and TeX)


We will hold seminars. Seminars will be held in Japanese.

  【1】CAS SciFinder-nセミナー (Shizuoka Main Library, Hamamatsu Branch Library and Online)
  【2】20分でめぐる書庫ツアー (Shizuoka Main Library)
  【3】20分でわかる日本語論文の探し方 (Shizuoka Main Library)
  【4】浜キャン生のためのTeXによるレポート作成の手引 (Hamamatsu Branch Library)

【1】【4】……You need to make a reservation in advance.
【2】【3】……Advance reservations are not required.

If you are a member of Shizuoka University, you can attend the seminars. And you are welcome to attend seminars held at a campus other than your own.
Please join us!

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