Unifind unavailable.


Due to power outrage, Unifind cannot be used for the next schedule.

■May 25th (Fri.), 2018.17:15 – May 28th (Mon.),2018 8:30

  Network won’t be Available


Due to power outrage,network won’t be available on the following days.

■May 27th (Sun.) 14:30 – 17:30

  New 19 ebooks.


Supplementary materials from syllabus and carrier guide books.
On campus and off campus(GakuNin).

  New 85 ebooks.


Supplementary materials from syllabus.
On campus and off campus(GakuNin).

  About moving work of desks, books and journals


We will carry out relocation work of the desks, books and journals to the new building and closed stacks.
For the following period, Don’t enter new building and closed stacks.

■May 21, 2018 – June 8, 2018

  Shizuoka Library Closed


Due to power outrage, the library will be closed on the following days.

  • May 20th (Sun.), 2018.
  • May 26th (Sat.), 2018.

  【Resolved】Wiley Online Library.


A problem of WOL have been resolved.
You can use WOL from outside the university.