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16 ebooks.
On campus and off campus(GakuNin).

  “American Sermons, Series 2(1796-1819)” is available(On Campus).


“American Sermons, Series 2(1796-1819)” is available.
American Sermons, Series 2(1796-1819)
◆The most comprehensive digital collection of early American sermons.

[Access(On Campus)]

  2021 eBook Campaign now on (September 2021 – February 2022)


(To students of Shizuoka University)
KinoDen eBooks Purchase Request has closed because of the budget regarding the eBook campaign has reached its limit.


In order to strengthen support for home study and online classes, the library is now offering a full-text trial reading service of “KinoDen” (an academic Japanese eBook platform provided by Kinokuniya).
(Click here for the information leaflet)

Shizuoka University members can try reading the full text of around 35,000 KinoDen books for 5 minutes per title.
Shizuoka University students can make a purchase request to the library.
KinoDen can also be used from off-campus through “GakuNin” with your SHIZUDAI ID.

★About KinoDen Full-text Trial Reading Service
【Participants】Students, faculty and staff of Shizuoka University
【Period】September 2021 – February 2022 (6 months)
【Service contents】You can try reading the full text of around 35,000 unpurchased eBooks on KinoDen for 5 minutes per title.
The URL of KinoDen is here) ⇒
(Currently, about 500 titles of KinoDen eBooks are available at Shizuoka University.

★About KinoDen eBooks Purchase Request
【Participants】 Students of Shizuoka University
【Number of books】 Up to 3 books per student
【Period】 From September 2021
※We will stop accepting requests when the budget limit is reached.


  • For information on how to use the library from off-campus, please see the KinoDen section in the “How to Use E-resources from Outside of a Campus” of the library website.
  • In addition to KinoDen, the following eBooks are available for students.
    Maruzen ebook Library” (by Maruzen Yusyodo) (currently about 2000 ebooks have been purchased)
    EBSCOhost eBook Collection” (by EBSCO)
  • You can search for eBooks available in Shizuoka University Library on the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and can read them from the linked URL in the search results.
    (Note that unpurchased eBooks that are eligible for the full-text trial reading service cannot be searched on the OPAC, so please search for them on the KinoDen website.

2021電子ブックキャンペーン 2021電子ブックキャンペーン
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【Contact us】
Shizuoka Campus: Shizuoka Main Library, Books Processing Unit (E-mail: lib-book (at) )
Hamamatsu Campus: Hamamatsu Branch, Branch Library Material Unit (E-mail: libh-moku (at) )