[Ended]Gallery “Study Abroad Week by SIPS “


Why don’t you talk to seniors about studying abroad?
Seniors who have studied abroad will answer any questions you may have.

  • December 4th (Mon) – December 8th (Fri) 11:50 am – 12:45 pm
  • Hamamatsu branch Library 1st floor, Gallery and Lounge

Please see below for details.

静大SIPS留学ウィーク(12月4-8日) 開催のお知らせ

2023年度 第3回 Exhibition
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  [Ended]Gallery Exhibition”Art exhibition of graduation works”


This is an exhibition of artworks by students of the Fine Arts Program of the Faculty of Education and the Art and Management Course of the School of Regional Development.
Visitors will be able to view the works created over the past four years in anticipation of the graduation exhibition in February 2024.
We hope you will drop by.

**excerpt from the poster**
This exhibition will feature works that cannot be seen at the graduation exhibition.
This exhibition is a “pre-graduation exhibition” that displays the works we have created during our four years of college!
We look forward to seeing you at our graduation exhibition next year at Granship!

■November 20th (Mon) – December 4th (Mon) 9am – 5pm : Monday – Friday
■Shizuoka Main Library 4th floor, Gallery

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please observe the following notes.

  • Please disinfect your hands and fingers.

2023年度 第4回 Exhibition

(**Click the image to open the PDF)

  Extended Checkout for Winter Vacation (Students only)


The loan period and return date during the winter vacation are as follows.

Student Type of Item Check-out Due date
Undergrad. All Dec.8 – Dec.27 Jan.15
Grad. Open Shelf (Shizuoka)
Others Nov.21 – Dec.15