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43 ebooks.
On campus and off campus(GakuNin).

  Extended Checkout for Winter Vacation (Students only)


The loan period and return date during the winter vacation are as follows.

Student Type of Item Check-out Due date
Undergrad. All Dec.9 – Dec.27 Jan.17
Grad. Open Shelf (Shizuoka)
Others Nov.22 – Dec.17

  “Science” is now available for off-campus use


You can use it for your SHIZUDAI ID.
See below for how to connect.

  1. Click on “Log in” at the upper of the page.
  2. Type “Shizuoka University” in the search window labeled “Log in via Shibboleth”.
  3. Click on “Shizuoka University”.
  4. Enter your SHIZUDAI ID/Password.

  Trial of “American Sermons”(On Campus)


“American Sermons,Series 1 & 2” is available for Trial.

■American Sermons,Series 1 & 2
[Period] 2021/11/1 – 2021/11/30
[Access(On Campus)]