[Ended] Seminars (about CAS SciFinder-n, Tour of stacks, Search for articles and TeX)


We will hold seminars. Seminars will be held in Japanese.

  【1】CAS SciFinder-nセミナー (Shizuoka Main Library, Hamamatsu Branch Library and Online)
  【2】20分でめぐる書庫ツアー (Shizuoka Main Library)
  【3】20分でわかる日本語論文の探し方 (Shizuoka Main Library)
  【4】浜キャン生のためのTeXによるレポート作成の手引 (Hamamatsu Branch Library)

【1】【4】……You need to make a reservation in advance.
【2】【3】……Advance reservations are not required.

If you are a member of Shizuoka University, you can attend the seminars. And you are welcome to attend seminars held at a campus other than your own.
Please join us!

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  [Ended]Gallery Exhibition”Nature of Suruga Bay and Sakura-ebi”


This exhibit is sponsored by the Casaleto Laboratory, The Graduate School of Science and Technology Research Division, Shizuoka University.
This exhibition will introduce the following

・The rich natural environment of Suruga Bay
・Research on the ecology and cultivation of Suruga Bay’s specialty, the sakura-ebi.
・Plastic waste in Suruga Bay

Through the exhibition, we hope that visitors will gain an understanding of the complex environment of the sea around us.

■October 2nd (Mon) – October 20th (Fri) 9am – 5pm : Monday – Friday
■Shizuoka Main Library 4th floor, Gallery

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, please observe the following notes.

  • Please disinfect your hands and fingers.

2023年度 第3回 Exhibition

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