The download service at “Maruzen eBook Library” has resumed.


The download service has resumed on April 27th.
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(April 8 , 2022)
Maruzen eBook Library provider informed us that the download service will be suspended on the following dates. We apologize for any inconvenience.
【Suspension period: April 5 to May 9, 2022】

※Browsing is available as usual.
Full-text trial reading service (5 minutes) of about 80,000 books in the “Maruzen eBook Library” is now on. (Until the end of May, 2022)

  The Student Advisory Group members wanted!


Would you like to join the Student Advisory Group and do something to improve our library?
If you are interested, please contact the each library counter.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID19, it may be difficult to carry out activities as usual in this year.
We would like to think with you about what kind of activities we can do in this situation.

As for the activity of last year, please see the following.

 Shizuoka Main Library:図書館をつかう>静岡本館 学生モニター
 Hamamatsu Branch Library:図書館をつかう>浜松分館 学生モニター

Shizuoka Main Library

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Hamamatsu Branch Library

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  Library Tips for Freshmen



Congratulations on your admission! Welcome to Shizuoka University.
Shizuoka University has the Shizuoka Main Library (Shizuoka Campus) and the Hamamatsu Branch Library (Hamamatsu Campus).
This webpage summarizes what freshmen should know when using the library for the first time.


Using the Library!

  • Please bring your student ID card to enter the library. Even if you haven’t had your student ID card yet, freshmen can enter the library. Please let the library staff know at the entrance gate.
  • You need your student ID card to borrow books from the library. After your student ID card will be issued, you may borrow books with it.
  • Please check the library calendar on the library website or bulletin boards for the opening hours.
  • Undergraduate students may borrow 5 books for up to 2 weeks. And you can renew loan period of borrowed books only once. The checkout limit and the loan period for graduate students are different. Please see the Shizuoka main library user’s guide or the Hamamatsu branch user’s guide on our website for more details.
  • What things you can do at the library.

    • The Shizuoka main library holds about 910,000 and the Hamamatsu branch holds about 300,000 volumes of books, and there are also many journals and newspapers. The materials on the open shelves in the reading room are freely accessible. Many materials in the closed stacks are also available.
    • You can place a request on a book that is located at another campus’s library. In addition, if the Shizuoka University library doesn’t have the book you look for, you can borrow materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan.
    • You can use the various facilities available in the library. For more information, please see the Shizuoka main library floor guide or the Hamamatsu branch floor guide on the library website.
    • Wireless LAN connectivity to the campus network is available at all library locations. You can connect your wireless devices (laptop, smartphone, etc.) to the campus Wi-Fi.
    • You can use PCs at the PC work area. (This service is currently only available in the Hamamatsu Branch Library.)
    • At the Shizuoka Main Library, you may borrow a laptop that can be used in the library. You need your student ID card to borrow a laptop.

    What is ‘Lib★Navi’ ?

    • ‘Lib★Navi (Library Navigator)’ is a guidebook to use the Shizuoka University Library. It is one of the material of guidance for freshmen.
    • We use ‘Lib★Navi’ as a textbook of the Library seminar for freshmen.
    • Please check ‘Lib★Navi’ if you have any question about using our library.

    What service can we use online?

    • You can search for materials held in Shizuoka University Library on the OPAC. The OPAC is an online tool for searching materials available in the library which you can use anytime, anywhere online.
    • Not only printed books and articles, you can use Electronic Journal/Book titles and Databases which Shizuoka University Library subscribes. You can use some of them with your own SHIZUDAI ID and password when you are off campus.
    • ‘myLibrary’ is an online service which you can apply renewing the loan period, requesting books or photocopies of journal articles from other libraries, etc. You need your SHIZUDAI ID and password to use ‘myLibrary’.
    • You can see information of library at the Shizuoka University Library website and Official Twitter. On Twitter, we post useful information and various news about our library. Please follow us!

    What is ‘the Student Advisory Group’?


    We’ll explain in more detail about how to use the library at the library seminar for freshmen.
    If you have any question, please feel free to contact the library staffs.